Your community,
at your service.

Friendly faces make it safe & simple to get what you love, when you need it.

Community Focused

Jelly partners live in your area, they shop where you shop, and eat at your favorite restaurants.

Hyper-Local Spots

Order anything with Jelly, and have it delivered minutes away from your home, and pick it up anytime.

Blazing-Fast Food

Craving delicious pizza? Get it fresh & hot to your home or Jelly Spot!

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Enjoy the best of your locality

Taste the local flavors of your town, the deliciously tempting scents of your city, and the amazing foodie scene in your neighborhood with Jelly.

We make it so easy to enjoy the best of your neighborhood, on a low-cost budget.

Essentials at your door-step

Can't find your favorite shampoo?  Forgot to buy tomatoes? 


How about the million other things you might not remember when you go shopping, only to say 'Oh shoot' when you get back home.


Now you can keep your essentials listed nicely inside Jelly, and order everything from the comfort of your home. #Problemsolved

Unparalleled customer service

You deserve more than just a cold sandwich, and no explanation.


Jelly was born out of the frustration of everyday experiences with delivery services that failed us.


Our hyper focused customer-oriented approach is what will set us apart from everyone else, 100% of the time.

Eat-Out @ unique Jelly Spots in your community

We've re-imagined the traditional restaurant 


Wanted to try Mcdonalds, but your friends would rather go get Pizza? It's frustrating to surrender to group think, and be forced to eat at just one restaurant. Well, now you can have both, and more, all over your city.

Eat-Out @ unique Jelly Spots in your community

These Spots, are safe-zones for your food, eat like you do at home, from any restaurant in your area inside a Jelly Spot.

Share eats & more instantly  with friends  😉



Introducing Jelly

From your delicious to your favorite hair stylist

We deliver exciting products & experiences around you.

Try Jelly Today

Jelly wants to make what you call life better in every way.

With the help of  vibrant, happy faces,  in your community.


From Jelly Spots, to cool restaurants and stores, find your comfort zone with Jelly.


Give Jelly a test run now, and you'll find a reason to stay 🙂

We're building the next-generation of hyper-local delivery for the everyday modern consumer, through cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering dedication to our customers worldwide.